About iCFDR

iCFDR is a non-profit humanitarian organization which focuses on long term projects and awareness in the areas of – Education, Health, Empowerment and Environment. It is a well-recognised social organisation and driven voluntarily by a team of passionate individuals. iCFDR advocates and works for education, human rights, gender equality and empowerment, health and hygiene, environmental sustainability and collaborations for better society.



The happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others. Being a part of Social Work Leadership Program @iCFDR, I always found myself being surrounded by challenges and a responsibility to make people's lives better. Social Work Leadership Program (SWLP) is a program that is making a difference in daily lives of millions of people. Not only it supports small kids but also empowers positive family and community relationship. I am really grateful that I am a part of this wonderful change.


I am so grateful to be a part of Social Work Leadership Programme. It feels good when work is done for the community". I loved the on the ground nature of SWLP. My association with the program started a couple of years ago and has been going strong ever since. What a great job they are doing to help the needy all over the country. I came across extremely committed and passionate people that are working day and night to make a difference in the vulnerable section of the society. At the end I would recommend all health professionals to join the cause and support the program.


iCFDR has been a life changing decision for me personally. Social Work Leadership Program is not just about giving, though it's the primary focus and goal but it gave back a lot to me. Channeling your empathy and woke consciousness into something productive and at times life changing happenings. Learnings at every point whether it's being a cooperative team player or a team leader has helped me grow in other domains of life. ICFDR family is vast with such different personalities, every event and workshop is an experience of lifetime in itself.