Social Work Leadership Programme Awards

The Youth Leadership Awards are a part of SWLP under iCFDR iconic VIN awards, however, purely restricted to associates under the program and to those who are leading the efforts at iCFDR.

Under SWLP, we firmly believe in rewarding associates for their dedicated services to the society and organization.

We honour the volunteers who display excellent work ethic, enthusiasm and splendid soft and core skills with an Award. All the associates stand a chance to be bestowed with the annual social work leadership awards in the following categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

These awards are declared on National Youth Day that is 12th January, every year.

Award Felicitation

Once the applicant is confirmed as associate at iCFDR under SWLP, and responsibilities and activities are taken up seriously, each associate is eligible for the following awards:

Bronze Leadership Award

Given after one year of dedicated service towards the society by taking an active part in the activities organized by iCFDR.

The award is to recognize them as trustworthy and important members of the organisation and volunteer enthusiastically.

At this stage, we see if associates have settled well into the environment and bonded with their peers to work together aimicably.

Silver Leadership Award

On completion of two years , and being involved with various activities/ projects and taking up new roles and responsibilities.

The award is to recognize the responsibility taken in organizing social work activities, team building and mentoring new associates.

At this stage, we like to see associates to work towards their next level of goals and vision towards the welfare of iCFDR.

Gold Leadership Award

After giving three years of selfless service towards the society and community building, we recognize our associate’s efforts.

With this award, we reward their dedication and appreciate their time spent behind the upliftment of the organisation.

At this stage, we like to see associates growing personally and professionally, taking a leadership role in the organization.

Past Awardees at SWLP

These awards are just a Token of Love and Appreciation! Thank You for your compassion, patience, time and hard work which helped this NGO to make it happen. Without you it would not be possible.

Associates photos would be updated soon.

Why become a part?

The criteria of the awards are based on the performance for the roles and responsibilities assigned. Hence, we not only provide experience letters, acknowledging the social work, but also present various certificates for the different milestones achieved for the dedicated work, as mentioned above.

Most importantly, we work together to create a family of social conscious youth, in teams to efficiently change the world for good while living a regular life.